Epoxy Wood Filler

Epoxy wood filler

Epoxy wood fillers are used to fill, repair and replace missing wood permanently in decorative and structural wooden products such as furniture, doors, windows and more.  Wood repaired with epoxy fillers makes for a sustainable and durable repair which lasts for a long time. Epoxy fillers have advantages such as  cost saving, durability as it does not crack and also ecofriendly.



1.8kg set (1kg wood filler resin + 800g hardener)

Mix ratio - 1:1 (by volume)


Epoxy wood filler to fill and repair damaged or rotten wood.

Lapox Fillo

Lapox Fillo is two component modified, thixotropic epoxy adhesive system. When both components are mixed in recommended ratios and cured appropriately at room temperature, an excellent bond strength can be achieved with most of the substrates including glass, metals, reactive plastics, wood, textile and natural stones. 




Two part epoxy based paste for repairing damaged wood or reshaping and building missing wood.

Epoxy based wood filler

Lapox Fillo is used for mainly used for repair wood products like furniture, doors, windows and more

Lapox fillo for repairing holes and damages in wooden boats.

Epoxy wood filler for boats and house

Lapox Fillo epoxy system lets you make permanent repairs to rotted, missing, or damaged wood.