Lapox metalam B

Lapox metalam system b - resin - hardener

Lapox Metalam B

Lapox® Metalam B is a two components, room temperature curing, modified, epoxy casting and coating system manufactured by ATUL Ltd - pioneer in resin manufacturing in India. 

When both components are mixed in recommended ratios and cured appropriately at room temperature, an excellent coating or lamination can be achieved on most of the substrates including glass, metals, plastics, wood, paper stickers and natural stones. 

The system is also used for casting items in silicone molds. 


Resin Jewelry casting

Lamination on painting.

Resin wall clock.

Resin key chain

Resin coasters.

Coating on metal articles

Topcoat on MDF or wood.

Paper sticker lamination 


High gloss and clarity.

Good color stability.

Thermally stable and suitable to perform in extreme conditions.

Water and chemical resistant.

Packing:  1.5kg set (1kg Clear epoxy resin + 500g hardener.


RS. 850 for 1.5 kg set.  Plus GST.


Resin product casting in silicone mold.

Casting in silicone molds

Jewelry and pendant casting in mold.

Jewelry and pendant casting

Dried flower encapsulation in clear resin.

Dried flower encapsulation

Casting resins for art and craft.