Epoxy tile grout

Lapox® Epogrout epoxy tile grout

Lapox epogrout is a three-component, stain-free, waterproof epoxy tile grout especially designed for filling tile joints in wall and floor applications of ceramic tile, vitrified tile, mosaic, stone and structural glazed blocks. It is available in attractive shades.

Industry:  Construction - epoxy tile grout. 



Colors: White, antique white, ivory, coffee brown, Grey, Terracotta, Canyon red and black

Lapox Epogrout Processing:

Surface preparation:  


How to Apply:  

Epoxy grouting on bathroom floor to make it waterproof and stainfree.

Epoxy tile grout for bathroom 

Epoxy grouting on bathroom floor tiles makes it waterproof and stainfree .

Epoxy grout is used on floor tiles for waterproofing and moisture free.

Epoxy tile grout for floor.

Epoxy grouting on floor gives double protection viz. waterproofing and moisture free.

Ardex Endura epoxy tile grout

Ardex Endura epoxy grout is hygienic, stain-resistant, 3 component epoxy resin-based grout with a high degree of resistance to chemical attack, abrasion and impact. The cured grout does not transfer taints to food products, prevents the growth of fungi on the surface and can be easily maintained in a sterile condition. EPOXY GROUT is designed for grouting glazed tiles, mosaic, vitrified and fully vitrified tiles, ceramic tiles, industrial tiles, granites, marbles & other natural stones, etc. 

Microban antifungal protection helps prevent the growth of harmful mould and mildew on the treated product*it provides added hygiene protection for bathrooms, showers and food consumption areas. Active biocide used to treat the product: 2-Octyl-2H-isothiazol-3-one. 

Packing: 1kg, 5kg, 10kg

Ardex endura epoxy tile grout for tiles



Ardex Endura Epoxy grout color chart


Epoxy tile grout - Possibilities of epoxy grout colors.