Epoxy tile grout

Lapox® Epogrout

Lapox epogrout is a three-component, stain-free, waterproof epoxy tile grout especially designed for filling tile joints in wall and floor applications of ceramic tile, vitrified tile, mosaic, stone and structural glazed blocks. It is available in attractive shades.

Industry:  Construction - epoxy tile grout. 

Application: Grouting tile joints in kitchens, Grouting tile joints in bathrooms, Grouting tile joints in swimming pools, Grouting tile joints in high footfall areas in institutions, Grouting tile joints in high footfall areas in industries and food processing units

Advantages: 100% Stain free and water cleanable Good workability with easy to apply Chemical Resistance to many acids, alkalis, corrosive, salt water, oils and fats. Temperature resistance Anti Bacterial & Anti fungal Crack-free setting without shrinking and very high adhesion to tiles and substrate Sag Resistance - Suitable for vertical applications Available in attractive color 

Pack size: 1 kg and 5 kg