Waterproofing epoxy resin

Lapox Lacrete resin and hardener - waterproofing

Lapox® Lacrete

Lapox Lacrete is an epoxy based, solvent-less, unique and versatile system. The product is ideal for civil applications such as terrace and bathroom waterproofing, core-cut grouting, injection grouting and anti-corrosive coating for steel bars and epoxy mortar. It is easy to apply by a brush or roller.

Application: Anti-corrosive coating, Epoxy flooring, Injection grouting, Waterproofing terrace, Waterproofing bathroom, Waterproofing water tank, Grouting core-cut, Bonding concrete 

Pack size: 1.5 kg, 7.5 kg and 45 kg 

Lapox procoat

Lapox Procoat 

Lapox procoat is a two-component, acrylic polyol and aliphatic isocyanate based polyurethane (PU) coating. The product is designed to protect the base waterproof layer as well as decorate the substrate. Polyurethane (PU) coating is a tough protective paint applied on exterior and interior structures that are exposed to extreme weather such as scorching heat, gusty winds and pouring rain.

Application: Using as a protective top coat on terrace, Protecting steel and other surfaces 

Pack size: 5L