Epoxy resin - Casting and topcoat.

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Lapox® is trade mark of Atul limited, India's biggest epoxy resin manufacturer.

Epoxy resin systems for art, craft, marble, granite, wood working and stone care.

Art epoxy resin

A range of clear epoxy resin systems for casting and coating, which can be used to create amazing items in resin art and craft like river tables, artificial jewelry, pendants, key chains, coating artwork, encapsulate decorative items like dried flower, leaves, bottle caps, seashells and many more.

We supply the best epoxy resin system manufactured by Atul Limited for creating unique items in resin art. 

Art and craft epoxy resin system to create unique items in resin art.

Perfect epoxy resin system for resin artists, resin furniture makers, jewelry makers, students and hobbyists.

Table top epoxy resin

Specially formulated clear epoxy resin system for casting counter tops, river tables and bar tables.  



Tabletop clear casting resin.

Wood compatible clear casting epoxy resin for encasing and suspending memorabilia, wood, dried flowers, dried leaves or anything.

3:1 Clear Casting epoxy resin - 12kg

Bondone® Clear cast -  Clear epoxy resin and hardener 12 kg set.

9 kg clear epoxy resin + 3 kg hardener.



Price: ₹5250 / 12 kg set 

Taxes and delivery charges extra.

3:1 Clear Casting epoxy resin - 1.2kg 

Bondone® Clear cast -  Clear epoxy resin and hardener 1,2 kg set.

900g clear epoxy resin + 300g hardener.



Price: ₹590 / 1.2 kg set 

Taxes and delivery charges extra

Epoxy resin for pouring or coating.

Epoxy resin suitable for pouring, filling or coating on wood or MDF sheets.

Water clear epoxy resin system for deep pouring between wood for tabletop.

Resin art and craft with epoxy resin.

Clear epoxy resin system for casting artificial jewelry, pendant, rakhi, coasters and key chain.

2:1 Topcoat epoxy resin 1.5kg

Lapox Metalam B - Clear epoxy resin and hardener.

1 kg clear epoxy resin + 500g hardener.



Price: ₹850 for 1.5 kg set 

Tax and delivery charges extra.

2:1 Lamination epoxy resin - 1.5kg

Bondone® ClearLam B - Clear epoxy resin and hardener for topcoat and lamination.

1kg clear epoxy resin + 500g hardener



Price: ₹690 for 1.5 kg set

Tax and delivery charges extra.

Clear casting epoxy resin for table top.

Tabletop made with clearcasting epoxy resin system.

Flower encapsulated in epoxy resin

Coasters made with dried flower encapsulated in resin.

Topcoat and lamination epoxy resin.

Coating epoxy resin on wooden piece to make decorative items.

Marble crack filling epoxy resin

Lapox marbobond HP  - Transparent epoxy resin and hardener for filling holes and coating on Italian marble.

1 kg transparent epoxy resin + 500g hardener.

Mix ratio (R:H): 100:50


Filling pin holes in marble

Marble and granite coating.

Stone care.

Price:  ₹750 for 1.5 kg set

Tax and delivery charges extra.

Marine epoxy resin.

Marine epoxy wood filler is a two-part, high strength multipurpose epoxy system suitable for structural repair and can be sanded and painted after curing.  The wood filler creates a high strength chemical bond after applying, making repairs to dry rotted wood last  longer.

Marine epoxy wood sealer is a two-part clear penetrating epoxy resin system that protects and repairs wood. The wood sealer also restores damaged or rotten wood by creating a solid, mechanically sound bond. 

We supply best materials suitable for wood repair or sealing for marine applications, manufactured by India's best epoxy manufacturer.

For more information about the various products available for marine application please feel free to contact us.

Wood sealing and wood filler epoxy resin

Marine epoxy resin system suitable for filling and sealing boats.

Wood epoxy resin

Wood fill and repair adhesives.

Wood filler that permanently repairs damaged and rotted wood.  These adhesives are used to fill and repair holes and cracks in wood.  

Advantages:  Will not crack or shrink, hardens quickly and can be sanded. 

Polygrip synthetic & Pu adhesives.

Synthetic and Pu adhesives.

Synthethic rubber and PU based adhesives for footwear, automobile, upholstery, carpet, leather items, furniture, Air conditioner, handicraft, packaging, apparel and carpet.