Clear casting resin

Bondone super crystal clear resin and hardener.

Bondone® Super crystal clear resin

Bondone Super crystal-clear casting epoxy resin system is a two component, low viscous, modified epoxy adhesive system for clear casting applications. 



Packing 1.3 kg (1kg clear epoxy resin + 300g hardener)

Bondone Super crystal clear casting resin.

Method of application:

Clearcast Cast U, wood pieces encapasulted in UV stable epoxy resin.

Clearcast casting resin

Clearcast U is a UV stable two component epoxy resin and hardener system suitable for clear casting applications with resistance to Ultra violet rays. 


Table top, 

High Lights:

Mix ratio (R:H) 3:1


super crystal clear epoxy resin for table casting.

Tabletop Resin.

Super crystal-clear resin systems are widely used in tabletop making applications.

super crystal clear art and craft resin.

Art and craft resin

Super crystal-clear resin are best choice for artists for resin art projects.

Super crystal clear epoxy resin for jewelry casting.

Jewelry casting resin

Super crystal-clear epoxy resin are used in jewelry and pendant making.