Silicone mold rubber

silicone mold making rubber for resin casting.

Silicone mold rubber

Silicone mold rubber for cost effective mold making applications.  This is a low viscosity, pourable, condensation cure silicone rubber that vulcanize at room temperature after mixing with a catalyst at recommended ratio. This grade is best suited for detailed reproduction of artifacts, figures and architectural items. 





1kg, 5kg, 20kg

Do It yourself silicone rubber mold making.

Silicone DIY mold 

Do It Yourself silicone RTV rubber for customized mold making for resin art projects. 

Resin casting mold making rubber.

Resin casting mold rubber.

Silicone rubber for making molds for casting epoxies, polyester, planter pots and architectural decorative items.

Silastic RTV 3483

Silastic RTV 3483 silicone rubber for exact reproduction of figures, art objects and similar items.

Elastosil 4511

Elastosil 4511 silicone rubber for making molds for casting epoxy resin, polyester resin and polyurethane resin.