High quality epoxy resin for successful crafting projects.

Lapox® Epoxy Resin

Lapox epoxy resin and adhesives are manufactured by Atul limited, India's biggest epoxy resin manufacturer.

We are leading wholesaler / distributor of epoxy resin systems based in Delhi NCR, offering comprehensive range of high quality epoxy resin and adhesives for a wide variety of applications including:

High quality epoxy resin systems from India's top brand.

A range of clear epoxy resin systems for casting and coating, which can be used to create amazing items in resin art and craft like river tables, artificial jewelry, pendants, key chains, coating artwork, encapsulate decorative items like dried flower, leaves, bottle caps, seashells and many more.

We supply the best epoxy resin systems manufactured by India's biggest resin manufacturer.

high-quality-epoxy-resin-for-your-creative brilliance.

Epoxy resin system for resin artists, resin furniture makers, jewelry makers, students and hobbyists.

3:1 Clear Casting epoxy resin 

Two component modified, epoxy based system suitable for clear casting application. The system is clear, having excellent optical properties with negligible shrinkage on curing. Faster productivity can be achieved, if curing is performed at higher temperature between 40°C and 60°C.




12kg set (3:1) - 9kg clear epoxy resin + 3kg hardener.

1.2 kg set (3:1) - 900g clear epoxy resin + 300g hardener

3:1 Clear epoxy resin & hardener (Casting).

Price: ₹570 /1.2 kg  set (900g resin+300g hardener) + GST 18%


Wood compatible clear epoxy resin for casting tabletops, counter tops, coffee table etc.


Epoxy resin for casting in silicone molds.

UV stable epoxy resin for photo framing and flower preservation.

UV resistant epoxy resin and hardener for photo frame casting photo lamination, preserving wedding flowers and varamala.  The system is a two component, transparent with high gloss, low viscosity and bubble free also delays yellowing effect of UV on the products made.  This resin meets requirements as per European standandard EN 71-3: 2019 + A1:2021 and widely used in resin art projects. 




3:1 Clear epoxy resin & hardner (UV stable)

Price:  ₹620/1.2 kg set (900g clear epoxy resin + 300g Hardener)+ GST 18%


Preserving wedding flowers and varamala in UV stable resin for long time glossy effect.


Casting transparent items with UV stable resin which delays yellowing effect on products made.

Granito Cast

Clear casting epoxy resin and hardener.

Mix ratio (Resin : Hardener) 3:1

Packing: 12kg

Lapox metalam B

Epoxy resin for Coating and Casting (up to 8mm).

Mix ratio (Resin : Hardener) 2:1

Packing: 1.5kg, 7.5 kg

Granito ASR 200 

Clear casting epoxy resin and hardener.

Mix Ratio (Resin : Hardener) 3:1

Packing 12 kg

2:1 casting & coating clear epoxy resin

Two component modified low viscous transparent coating /lamination epoxy system.  Optically clear coating can be achieved, and can also be used for casting small and low thickness articles.  When both components are properly mixed and cured at room temperature a clear casting can be achieved.



2:1 Clear epoxy resin & hardener (casting up to 8mm & Coating).

Price: ₹650/1.5kg set (1kg clear epoxy resin + 500g Hardener) + GST 18%


Clear epoxy for coating on wood, MDF or resin tables. 


Clear epoxy resin for casting in silicone molds.

Marbobond HP

Marble and stone care

Mixing ratio (Resin : Hardener) 2:1

Packing: 1.5 kg

Metalam  A

Handicraft, laminations

Mixing ratio (Resin : Hardener) 10:1

Packing: 1.1kg

Lapox Gem

Handicraft, Artificial jewelry

Mixing ratio (Resin : Hardener) 1:1

Pakcking: 1.8 kg 

UV Resin Hard

FastUV resin hard for making various items like jewellery, coasters, key chain, pendant and bracelets.  UV resins are made with environmentally friendly materials, non toxic and safe with excellent product quality.


Packing" 100g, 150g

Price: ₹250 /100g + GST 18%


Marble crack filling epoxy resin

Marble crack filling and coating epoxy system is a two component, transparent epoxy resin system for treatment of marble and granite. 

Packing: 1.25 kg  (1 kg transparent epoxy resin + 250g hardener.)

Mix ratio (R:H): 100:25



Lapox® Fillo - Wood Filler

A two-component, solvent-less epoxy system for repairing damaged wood or re-shapingand re-building missing wood.  The product has a long pot life to suit industry requirements. Additional fillers like wooden flour can be added, if required. The product is easy to use with mixing ratio (by volume) 1:1. Cured material can be sanded, painted and stained to blend with surrounding finish. The main advantage is that, the cured portion do not sag, shrink or crack. 


Pack size: 1.8 kg (1kg resin + 800g hardener)

Silicone mold making rubber

Room temperature vulcanizing liquid silicone mold making rubber, platinum cure and condensation curing type for making mold, prototyping and other industrial applications.  This is a flowable grade, having high mechanical strength and cures with various catalyst options (depending on the application requirements) at room temperature to a flexible elastomer, well suited for detailed and exact reproduction of artifacts, figures, architectural items and similar objects. 

Silicone mold making rubber will reproduce the finest detail of the master and is suitable for a variety of art related and industrial applications such as mold making for reproducing prototypes, furniture, architectural items and sculptures. 

Platinum cure silicone rubber for prototyping, labels, logo, anti slip socks and hand gloves.


1 kg, 5kg, 20kg, 25kg

Lapox® Epogrout epoxy tile grout

A three-component, stain-free, waterproof epoxy tile grout especially designed for filling tile joints in wall and floor applications of ceramic tile, vitrified tile, mosaic, stone and structural glazed blocks. It is available in attractive shades. 


Available in color:

White, Antique white, Ivory, Coffee brown, Grey, Terracotta, Canyon Red and black.

Lapox epogrout tile epoxy grout

Lapox Epogrout is a stain free, water cleanable and eco-friendly epoxy grout.

Marine epoxy resin.

Marine epoxy wood filler is a two-part, high strength multipurpose epoxy system suitable for structural repair and can be sanded and painted after curing.  The wood filler creates a high strength chemical bond after applying, making repairs to dry rotted wood last  longer.

Marine epoxy wood sealer is a two-part clear penetrating epoxy resin system that protects and repairs wood. The wood sealer also restores damaged or rotten wood by creating a solid, mechanically sound bond. 

We supply best materials suitable for wood repair or sealing for marine applications, manufactured by India's best epoxy manufacturer.

For more information about the various products available for marine application please feel free to contact us.

marine epoxy resin for wood repair and wood sealing

Marine epoxy resin system suitable for filling and sealing boats.

Polygrip synthetic & Pu adhesives.

Synthetic and Pu adhesives

Synthethic rubber and PU based adhesives for footwear, automobile, upholstery, carpet, leather items, furniture, Air conditioner, handicraft, packaging, apparel and carpet.


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